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Important Information

We are a family of experienced folding camper owners, and passionate campers, so we want to think about all the sensible practicalities so you don’t have to.

Please read this before your holiday so you can arrive calm, organised and prepared for a relaxing holiday.

Electricity and Onboard Gas

The facilities in your Camper can run from the onboard, regulated, Gas bottles located in the front locker the Electric hook up Cable (EHU) and the on Board Leisure Battery. The three combined complete the unit’s systems. We do not recommend using the fridge on the gas as this will drain the supply quickly and will need replenishing (charges may apply).

We advise you that you should book an electric hookup camping pitch. Caravan or Motorhome touring pitches are the best. our campers can be used on basis electric grass pitches also. Running the camper on EHU is the best way to use it.

What do you need to bring?

Our Campers are equipped with almost every basic thing you would need for cooking, eating and drinking. They are equipped with hot and cold water sink, Gas burner and grill facility, fridge, gas, crockery, cutlery, cooking equipment etc.

You will need to purchase your own grocery items to make your trip better we would advise you visit a supermarket once you’re set up. We take every care to sterilise our water containers before every use, however, purchasing bottled drinking water is the best option whilst camping.

You need to bring your clothes, Sleeping bags, towels, Lights/Torches Blankets or hot water bottles and pillows. Our beds are steam cleaned before each hire.

We will send you a list of how the camper or trailer tent is equipped. If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

Choosing the right camper for you

We are here to help and advise on the right choice of unit to suit your needs. Most importantly we need to know how many persons will be sleeping inside the main cabin of the campers our smallest camper is a 4 berth with 2 fold out beds these are equally ideal for 2 persons or a family of 4. With additional Awning, our folding campers can sleep a lot more on blow up beds or cots. Our larger 6 berth campers are much bigger and with the additional awning and extra beds can easily sleep, 10 people.

A camper with sleeping capacity inside for each member of your party will be the best choice and should avoid sleepless nights.

Nearly all your luggage and belongings will be transported inside the camper so you will have room inside your vehicle whilst traveling.

The Awning

We can also provide a Matching Folding Camper Awning for a small additional charge. This is transported and stored in the Camper. Unlike campervans, this awning is designed to form an additional Large living space on the front of the camper cabin giving you ample space and comfort. This additional space is also great for housing more people on additional inflatable beds.

Delivery and Setup

On the day your hire starts we will be delivering your chosen Camper, heading straight to your camping destination. We do not allow our campers to be taken and stored overnight at any other location as insurance will not cover it (if self-tow has been arranged).

We will give you an estimated arrival time and will require access to your booked campsite. This must be arranged before with the site and us to avoid any delay in your hire. We will set up your camper as per the confirmed booking and secure the unit on site.
We will give you a demonstration on the campers use, show all the operating parts and features. Please do try to reach us at your allocated time, as it takes time to introduce you to your chosen camper, and show you all the features.

Once the camper is ready you will be able to jump straight in as we leave you to have a great time. We will provide you with our contact details so you can let us know about any further questions or issues you may have whilst on hire. It is better if we arrive around 1 hour before you to get everything ready for your arrival.

On the end day of your hire, we will arrive (access required and arranged by you and the campsite for us) one hour before you are due to leave the pitch and we will start to pack and inspect the camper. We will require you to remove all your personal belongings before we arrive. You are welcome to watch us pack the unit away, this is especially helpful if you have hired the camper on a try before you buy basis. We will collect the camper and complete your booking. All held deposits will be released back to you once the inspection sheet has been completed and submitted.

Driving and Towing

Our fully equipped range of folding campers and trailer tents allow you the freedom and independence to really enjoy a UK holiday or short break at some great campsites the country has to offer, leaving all your stress behind. Folding campers flexibility and versatile use means they are ideal for touring throughout the UK, as they are lightweight and easy to use. They are also ideal for shows, exhibitions, festivals and special events on electric hook up pitches, they can even be used as extra accommodation when the extended family visit!
Our range includes top of the range quality models of 2 – 6 berths units. They can be delivered and set up at any UK campsite location by us on your behalf. We are located in Surrey and Kent and will estimate delivery charges with an approximate radius of 100 miles. This can be extended to the whole of the UK but further charges will apply.

Self Tow Hire
Provided you are able to submit proof of all the required insurances to cover the hire of our campers on a self-tow basis, then if you haven’t towed a folding camper / Trailer before please make sure you familiarise yourself with the UK laws on Towing and weight restrictions. Our heaviest unit is only 1000kg max weight and most drivers can tow a combined weight of car and trailer up to 3500kg as long as your vehicle is also capable. We can provide you with a very good and well-researched guide to UK towing rules.


We would advise that you book your campsites in advance during the peak season and school holidays, particularly if you would like electric hook up.

Please make sure that you check your chosen Campsite accepts Folding campers and trailer tents. If you get a site that is unsure what a folding camper is inform them they are like trailer tents and pop up caravan with a fabric top.

You only need to book a basic electric hook up pitch, but if you want a better experience go for a touring caravan pitch with a level base.

We would advise looking on they have a fantastic database of information all things camping related including great campsite reviews.

Please be aware that not all campsites allow sleeping in awnings. if you have purchased an additional awning with your camper please confirm this with the site terms.

Preparing for collection

On the last day of your hire, we know you don’t want to go home back to reality, but we will be coming to pack the camper away and getting it ready for its next adventure. All campsite will inform you of the departure time that you have to vacate the pitch on the last day. we will need to be there at least 1 hours before that departure time to get the camper off the pitch without causing any additional costs to you from the site.
Please help us by making sure that all your personal items are out of the camper and you have given the camper a basic clean. please empty any water containers and food waste containers before we arrive. please return all provided equipment back to the storage location it was in on your arrival and we will do the main pack away from there.

Keeping Warm

This could be the make or break of your holiday, so please think about it before you book a holiday with us out of season! All our campers have an on board plinth heater but you may want to consider bringing hot water bottles and warm fleece blankets. You cannot run the heater in the units from the battery alone. You must be hooked up to electrics to run the campers full systems.

If you are hiring during the colder months of the year, please remember that the nights can be quite chilly. When packing, do remember to include extra clothes for sleeping and more blankets than you would use at home.

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